Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • create a manage-system for suggestions

    This, obviously, is not a suggestion for 1.9 itself, but for this plattform and the 1.9 launch:
    Please stop using unmoderated, undocumented threads for suggestions. A vote system simply does not work in a flat view with hundreds of posts, as no one will read them all. I found technically the same popular suggestion (configurable menus) three times before finishing the second page. We need a simple tree structure and a moderator which moves misplaced repeats or, a lot better, a ticket based system with a search function that prompts any suggestee to look at existing suggestions.
    Big bonus of the latter one: You can stop restarting from scratch with every versions. If you want to stay with thread based approachs, at least give status information of old suggestions. 99% of postings here are repeats that would be unecessary if one would know whether the suggestion was accepted/rejected/completely missed the last time.

  • minimising of tabs

    I am still missing an option to move though a stack of "oppened in background" tabs by closing OR NOT CLOSING them. While it is possible to shift back to the last used tab by clicking the currently used one, there is no way to jump to keep a task open for later use and continue working with the rest, because it will always pop back into the foreground when the next task is closed. Opera had a much better way to do this by allowing a task to get minimised.
    (Though I would be happy enough to move a tab as far into the background as possible so that it will only show again after treating all other tabs, just like a newly "opened in background" tab would - but without changing the tabs place in the tab bar.)

  • cascading bookmark menü

    Some people (e.g. me) use a lot more bookmarks regularly than could be fit into a bar. So a bookmark bar or a bookmark sidepanel is just wasting my screen real estate and/or requiering a hell of a lot of clicks to navigate through folders. Cascading menüs which open subfolders on mouse over are much more convenient - which is why they have been the standard used literally anywhere in browser, applications, even operating systems for well over two decades. Everywhere except Vivaldi 😞

  • Sorry for posting this reply in a wrong place. My answer was:

    It's weird, i try right now, both with left and middle mouse button, but don't works. I'm on Linux Mint 18.1 (Cinnamon - 32bit)

    and i was answering at this post:

    @ugly You mean that doesn't work on you?
    Because here in Linux/Debian sid amd64. Double Clicking empty tab bar area (behind plus sign) does open New Tab. Either it horizontal or vertical.

    @dLeon & Mid-click on tab bar to create new one too

  • Support smart zoom on macOS

    alt text

    Google Chrome dose actually

  • Moderator

    @dLeon Sorry I did not notice that 🙁 😕

  • Option to save the zoom configuration for each page even after closing and reopenin it.

  • Ambassador

    @opera6rules It is already on the list:

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Bookmark Menu

    However, there is no limit to how many bookmarks can be made to fit on the Bookmarks Bar. It is simply a matter of how many top level folders you have, and how long their names are. Bookmark folders can be renamed, and branches of the tree can be pruned and grafted until all of your top level bookmark folders fit. Then you will get what you want, although you will have to waste some space with the Bookmarks Bar. (Set a shortcut like "b" to toggle it on/off easily.

  • Ability to use mouse gestures (history forward/backward) to navigate speed dial folders

  • Bookmark Tagging

    I really wish it had a bookmark tagging system. I understand you can add nicknames or descriptions, and you can search for anything you have in the title, description, or nickname field.... but it isn't as neat or practical as I would like.

    It also doesn't work as well as tags. If I search for a nickname I have set, it will also bring up completely unrelated bookmarks to what I searched just because that word happened to be in the url or page title. If it was a true tagging system, I could only pull up the tings I tagged with that word. Having thousands of bookmarks, this becomes an issue.

    Tags also allow you to select from a pre-existing label you already have, which results in better organization. It would also allow you to have the same bookmark labeled in many different ways... where how Vivaldi is now? I need to have the same bookmark duplicated into several different folders in order to find it.... which is kind of annoying?

    Yea, I can add nicknames to them all, but the above problem with nicknames occurs, and also, I am not able to select my bookmarks in a certain folder and apply a nickname to all of them at once. I have to manually type in the nickname for everything individually... I have way to many bookmarks to even begin manually sorting them this way. If tags were a thing I would be able to just apply the tags to all, or drag and drop the bookmarks on that tag I want it to have.

    Tagging also, due to the fact that there will be a set list of what I have organized, will make it easier to remember what I need to search for to find something. Nicknames wont help me if I need to find a webpage about puppies if I nicknamed it as dogs. But if I see I have a dogs tag, I would obviously look there first.

    Anyway, I really hope that Vivaldi can implement this feature. I feel like this browser is leagues ahead of other browsers and trying its best to include all the features other browsers stubbornly lack. I feel like this feature would be a good fit and draw more people to use it.

    (Also I accidentally replied as topic I am sorry!!!)

  • An option to have lets say English User Interface, but having the dictionary on Danish or any other language.

  • Enable search fields for individual search engines as separate fields in the "Bookmarks Bar" (incl. "search in current page") this way you dont have to open a drop down every time you want to search with an engine other than your standard search engine. –> See screen shot0_1490951079993_Vivaldi_Feature_Request.png

  • I'd like this feature to be an option, as I don't really like it myself:
    Minimize tab by click (Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab)

    Also, I'd like a way to save my settings, bookmarks, history, and other things that generate in the browser to several accounts, that way I'd be able to make an account for my 4chan lurking, and one for my work stuff, this would help me a lot by me not getting distracted, and not having things in my history I don't want to have there when at work or school.

  • Bring a function to show all links on the current web page to the side panel (last symbol on the screen shot) - helps a lot e.g. when downloading more than one picture from a gallery page. 0_1490951217907_Vivaldi_Feature_Request_2.png

  • @SIndberg you do know you can use the search engine nicknames in the omnibar? like typing 'g search' will search on google, and 'w search' will search on wikipedia. You can add your own search engines by right clicking on a search field, and pressing add as search engine.

  • Opera 12-like session restore on startup.

    It would be great if Vivaldi could ask how to start every time you launch it. One way Opera 12's behaviour could be improved is, if restoring the previous session, to ask which windows to restore if there are multiple.

  • Middle click on search option in context menu to open result page in background tab

  • Middle click close tab when tabs are on top.
    Middle click can close tab when they are on left/right/bottom but not top.

  • Close button touch the right edge of screen
    Much easier to click.

  • @RammsteinAM Yes, It would be perfect. Wish in next updates....

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