Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • hold left+right mouse buttons in the panel icon to do an action like open it in a new tab

  • allow all extension icons from address bar be moved to the panel

  • Customizeable colors for all UI elements (popup menus, page background etc)
    Currently page background color is somehow selected automatically depending on panel background color, so user can't set this color manually. Some colors can't be set at all. E.g. even with dark/black page/panel backgrounds popup menus still have eye-blinding white color.
    Ugly white popups
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  • Custom JS as a gesture action
    Please add a feature to execute custom JS code on mouse gesture. It is necessary for e.g. calling extension functions via events:

    var evt = document.createEvent("Events");
    evt.initEvent("FastForward::combinedForward", true, false);

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  • Move close button to the left side when tabs on the left side
    When the tabs are on the left side, the first thing your mouse encounters when you like to change a tab is the close button. So accidentally closing a tab is very common in that setup. Moving the close button to the left side also would prevent this.

  • Classic browser titlebar with web page title and application icon
    Please add document title and application icon to classic titlebar:
    Classic window title
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  • allow customize tabs and adressbar like that
    alt text

  • allow to mute/unmute a tab with mouse gestures

  • Horizontal sidebar header (like in Opera 12)
    Please add an option to make sidebar header horizontal, it is much more compact than long vertical one.
    Sidebar header above sidebar
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  • Full-res bookmarks bar icons
    alt text

  • native notifications on linux

  • @ddferrari

    It should be interesting if this function has an icon, just screencapture functionnality. Also interesting the function would activate just starting pressing the first key like in this firefox add-on findbar-tweak.

  • @Hadden89

    It may be a choice, so an option according users. The image coming from FireFox shows a lot search engines and this is not bad. Indeed, if you have more of them, I think a selection of them would be an interresting way too.

  • noise tabs has a custom color, have an option to enable/disable it

  • Moderator

    @Ainamacar You can still drag the links by moving your mouse vertically while holding LMB and select the text by moving your mouse horizontally (while holding LMB of course).

  • Adaptive thumbnail image for improving visualisation

    example :

    Thumbnails should be considered as play cards and their image become a symbol of the page to get easier the way to find it among all opened tabs, it is not necessary to search for the more realistic photography of the web page itself. It's a super icon like in Opera neon project.

    The page with high colors should stay centered-photographized (like speed dial in the image above) and the white ant black text site like Wikipedia should have a bit algorithm improvement to make the final thumbnail image having more sense : for instance, adjust all image of the page, or select a part of the page, this one would represent better the site : generaly, it is the left high corner which looks the logo of the site and main titles.

  • Long mouse right click to open links in new activate tab

    Classic right click still opens contextmenu, but if the mouse button stays pressed according to a bit of time, so you jump to the link, in a new tab, in the way you see the linked page but keep the first page opened for further readings.

  • Create option to force the badge-style audio indicator

    Currently, if a tab has a large width and is sending audio, the favicon is completely replaced with an audio indicator. I much prefer the badge-style audio indicator that appears on top of small-width and pinned tabs, as this way you can still see the favicon of the tab.

  • quiet notification mode, store notifications in a icon with a counter and put it right before the trash icon

  • display favicons in dial titles like this:
    alt text


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