Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Polish up mouse gestures, pretty please.

    Mouse gestures still have several bugs:

    • "open new tab" gesture will open links from closed tabs
    • "new tab / open link" are still connected, please remove joint connection (or give us an option to remove it)
    • cannot perform mouse gesture if cursor is next to a tab (empty space on tab line)

  • @dLeon

    Isn't it the common versioning look like this?


    Yes, it is, and that way is very clear. But Vivaldi doesn't iterate that way. They go by tenths.

    So, I think it won't be a big miss if the versioning look like


    The problem is that short of around here, no one refers to it that way. Not even Vivaldi's home page.

    alt text

    alt text


  • Major maintenance & 'performance optimization, before new essential features such as the email client are added at a later stage.

    ' perceived performance / workflow, not benchmarks

  • Timer for tab hibernation

    Inactive/unfocused tabs automatically start to hibernate after a set time of minutes/hours; will be reloaded upon becoming active/focused.

  • @rseiler
    The one offered in https://vivaldi.com Main Page is always the official stable version.
    As far, I don't recall there's (like) stable 1.1.0000.00 & stable 1.1.2222.22.
    Even if there is, I believe 1.1 will always point to most latest stable. If it don't, problem lies somewhere else.

    Complete writing of version won't guarantee we'll get the right one. It happen 2~3 times in Firefox download page for me. I tried to download US version xx.2, it download xx.1 instead. While its big header said version xx.2 & the package also got xx.2 version. Need 2 days for Mozilla to realize that, 3 days including re-upload.

    Other occasion it download Thailand Firefox when I hit US. God know how the server decided I'm from Thailand to begin with. This one the most memorable. As I've got fun guessing what is what.

    Only us (yes, me included), will check to last milli digit (make up word).

  • a possibility to mark a tab to NOT hibernate

    It would be very useful for me, while I follow some charts, which in turn update over time and I do not keep an eye on them constantly. Refreshing manually by kicking e.g. Ajax to update part of the chart is good for me in some situations to compare content. Otherwise, the page fully reload and comparison is less friendly, Usually then, I need to click through pages or options to target chart from initial state.

  • @Seasonly said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Iconize contextmenu search engines

    example :

    It's nice, but maybe is better in a sub menu.
    Search engines > (iconified list or textual + icon).
    If one has a lot of them, they'll clog the context menu 😉

  • Tighter integration between Tab Stacks and Bookmarks and some minor additions and fixes

    It would be great to be able to convert the Tab Stacks directly into the bookmarks folder.
    Also - to open the whole bookmarks folder directly in a Tab Stack and an option to scroll through the stacked tabs, if there are more than 40 in one stack.

    There are some minor problems while trying to move the mouse cursor from a normal tab to Tab Stack in order to switch from one to another. The Tab Stack overview kicks in too fast which results sometimes in missclick and switching to one of the tabs within the Tab Stack.

    Maybe the Tab Stack overview should be pushed down a little bit and displayed below the tabs row (and the URL bar), instead over it?

  • @julioc1984 said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Make the context menu more compact!! 👀

    Maybe, one day context menu will be part of the Vivaldi UI and its themes and scaling but I think not very soon (due chromium base).

  • @Pesala It would be great to do this from inside the browser. However you can already do this manually.

    Check out this Topic: Customising your Speed Dial thumbs. If you have Python installed you can use a little script that I wrote which you can find here.

  • I would still Like

    Native User agent switcher

    Vivaldi has many issues with certain DRM video Content the solution has been to change the user agent string I myself dont feel comfortable manually altering it for fear of a mistake but i also dont trust a 3rd party to do this with each version the browser itself improves greatly but this remains a nagging issue with streaming services

    So I propose
    the addition of a built in solution that would allow users to seamlessly switch agents without the need for manual changes or 3rd party extensions

  • @matt2kay Maybe you should use addon The Great Discarder?

  • 1. Auto updates without asking

    Feature request: Auto updates without asking just like chrome, you can show a changelog once done. Just ask me to restart once downloaded.

    Why: This whole process of asking, waiting, then closing and opening is unnecessarily attention seeking. Why not just update and show me what's new. At least make this an option. I'm happy that vivaldi gets frequent updates, but make it more seamless. I'm of course very interested in seeing the changelog because choosing (or more specifically switching) vivaldi over chrome is an effort-taking (however minimal) choice.

    1. Youtube doesn't play as smoothly as it does in chrome, not sure how to file a more proper/helpful bug report for this. Please make it smoother. This is my biggest pain in the a**

    2. Consumption of CPU is not low enough compared to chrome. Vivaldi keeps popping up at 20% every few seconds even when in the background and nothing visibly taking cpu, while chrome with the exact same set of tabs loaded, barely gets noticed and is at 1-3%.

    Thanks for making Vivaldi, hope you sustain the project. Don't abandon your users please 🙂

  • Make scrolling on web pages more smooth like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

  • Global menu on Ubuntu

    Maybe you're already working on it?


  • @Makupa I actually use The Great Suspender in Chrome and like it quite a bit. However, Vivaldi's mantra is to do as much as possible natively and with the least amount of 3rd party apps as possible. Plus, hibernation is already a feature in Vivaldi, so what I suggested would compliment both, Vivaldi's feature set and it's overall vision.

  • @pafflick ahhh, good to know, thank you!

  • delete pls

  • old bookmark of opera: separate folder from bookmark panel

  • @matt2kay The Great Discarder !=The Great Suspender (his author same that The Great Suspender) uses native function for tab hibernating.


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