Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • A news feed reader for customized news is awesome please make this happen!💡

  • Move Mute Audio Icon

    Please move Muted Icon to other place. Either on Favicon side or near close button.
    Currently, it practically cover site Favicon.

  • 💡 A security Browser like Snowhaze for ios... Vivaldi should stop some tracking scripts, fingerprinting and ads or maybe something like little snitch for mac on the browser layer. Randomizing the user agent, block http referers are also needed. 💡

    Please upvote to make this browser safer than others...

  • Audio Mute by Default

    Option to make audio condition "always" muted when we open/change new site or tab.

    Current options are

    • Always on everywhere.
    • Always on if you visit the tab, & happen to have audio.
      "Play Only in Active Tab" & "Prioritize Active Tab" options basically was that.

  • Developer tools dockable in Vivaldi, like the developer tools and the browser in one window.
    Please can we have this one ;-; I've been waiting for an year now 😛 It's really convenient and useful and the last mention of it coming was that it has a high priority on the dev's list.. and that was 8 months ago. Please
    😢 xD 😛

  • please add a audio page reader you can see the details at here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15391/page-audio-reader/2

  • Add "Image Properties" in Context Menu (like Opera 12)
    with basic information (image type, size, dimensions...) 📷
    and EXIF information of the image (Date, Camera, Author, ISO, F number, Exposure time...)

  • Double-click tab bar to open a new tab

  • Customizable rocker gestures

    Specifically, I'd like to have Fast-forward as hold left click and press right click like in O12.

  • Separate mouse gesture mappings for 'Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link)' and 'New Tab'

    The open link in new tab gesture seems to cause issues of accidentally opening links from recently closed pages.

    Edit - it seems this has been implemented as of snapshot version 1.9.811.13.

  • @ugly
    You mean that doesn't work on you?

    Because here in Linux/Debian sid amd64. Double Clicking empty tab bar area (behind plus sign) does open New Tab. Either it horizontal or vertical.

  • Easy to create site specific settings for website permissions (cookies, etc., like in Opera 12). Currently you have perform dozens of clicks and copy-paste-action (for the address) to set specific settings for a website.

  • @dLeon & Mid-click on tab bar to create new one too 🙂

  • Video (HTML5 & Flash) popup playback.

    Maxthon (only Flash) and Opera Neon (Only HTML5) has this future, which is very useful for multitasking.
    I believe this is the only major future that Vivaldi really lucks now..

  • Right click on "New Tab" button should open new tab with URL that copied to clipboard before

    This is a minor, very simple to implement, and very useful, and makes life easier. Many browsers already has it. I really miss it in Vivaldi.

  • Prevent web browser fingerprinting

  • A shortcut to after you select the tabs will be able to stack through keyboard shortcuts.

  • Content blocking like in Opera 12 (by clicking undesired content, a little more work in the beginning but with Opera 12 I never get blocked from visiting a site for using an ad blocker).

  • Moderator

    Allow search suggestions in Private Windows

    This should obviously be available as an option. It would be useful for those who prefer to perform their searches in private windows. I don't know why this got so many downvotes, LOL.

  • Add Load frame in a new tab to context menu (like Opera 12). This way it is much easier to print the tab's content.

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