Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

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    Following 1.8 / 1.9 thread here is the one for 1.9 / 1.10.
    Of course previous requests are still being looked as well. 😉

    Please vote for your favorite feature request:
    Vote for your favorite feature

    Therefore post only one request per reply so that people can easily vote for your favorite feature. 🙂

    In case you request a feature that has been already implemented in Vivaldi, it will be moved to this topic so that it helps us to keep focused on the new request.

    Thank you for your understanding, it will help everyone out to go through them more easily.

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    Easy export/import/backup of user data

    A new option to easily backup or move user data to another instance of Vivaldi. This should include settings (site settings, search engines, passwords etc.), bookmarks, notes, extensions data, and history. It would be great to be able to import/export/backup only some parts of the user's data (for example only the search engines). Currently, it's possible to do some parts of that manually, but it might be too complicated for an average user. 😉

  • Bookmark usage counter

    Counts how often a bookmarked site has been opened, let's you sort bookmarks by that count. This helps with showing most important bookmarks first and discovering unused bookmarks.

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    Portable version

    There are portable versions of Chrome, so it should be possible with Vivaldi, but preferably, we shouldn't rely on some 3rd party software. 🙂

  • Customize Toolbars

  • Custom Thumbnails for Speed Dial [IMPLEMENTED IN SNAPSHOT 1.10.867.3]

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    Highlight new features in settings

    I think it would be especially useful in the Snapshot releases. Sometimes we're too lazy to read the changelogs or we just want to quickly find the new features in settings - that would come in handy then. 🙂

    This could be achieved in many ways, like e.g. adding a "New!" flag, highlighting it with a different color etc. This highlight could be persistent (until the next update) or could disappear once the user views the tab containing new settings (for a certain amount of time), hovers over it or make changes to it.

  • Allow Editing of Menus

  • Allow Resizing of Tiled Tabs

  • Split Tab

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    Confirm exit

    I'd like to see the prompt (available as an option) to confirm closing the browser (like in Opera 12).

    Adding different, configurable scenarios for the prompt to appear could be useful, for example:

    • when there are downloads in progress (with additional option to close the browser automatically once the downloads are completed and yes, I'm aware of the Chromium's ability to complete tasks in the background);
    • when there are 2 or more tabs opened and the "Startup with" option in Settings is set to anything else than "Last Session";
    • when there is some unsaved work on any of the opened tabs (like eg. unsent form fields with user's input);

  • Warning When Download Is Incomplete

  • Support Animated PNG Images (Implemented, courtesy of a Chrome update)

  • Moderator

    Prevent media (audio/video) from auto-playing as a website permission

    It could be achieved by blocking all flash content (already possible) and preventing HTML5 audio & video from launching without user's action (click-to-play).

    With this feature, we would be able to blacklist/whitelist websites for playing media, just like we could do it with Notifications, Popups, Plugins, Location, Camera & other website permissions.

  • Reorder Tab Stacks

  • More Speed Dial Columns Already implemented.

  • Moderator

    Sound notifications upon various events within the browser, like eg., finished download or page notifications

    ...or received e-mails (once the e-mail client for Vivaldi is ready). These sound effects should be customizable. Opera 12 have notifications for "program startup/exit, page loaded, failure, follow link", but I never used them. I don't mind seeing them in Vivaldi though...

  • Image Properties Context menu

  • List Existing Sessions on Save Session

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    Ability to re-order / remove various UI elements

    First of all: Extension icons and panel icons. But the ability to re-order or remove some of the UI elements would be greatly appreciated. (I'd like to get rid of the Home button for example).

    EDIT: Reordering of extension's icons has been introduced in version 1.9.804.3. Still waiting for more customization options for the UI. Thanks for all the great work you've done so far! 🤗

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