bookmark loss :(

  • hi, vivaldi just told me to update my browser to a newer version. it automatically downloaded the installer, then told me it could not extract the archive and install. aha! so I did it manually., download &install.

    now all my bookmarks & quick-startpage-links (whatever they are called) are all gone (an my open tabs, which is also bad but at least tolerable or expectable).
    how can I get my bookmarks back, did it just seriously overwrite them? I just can believe it?
    version is now 1.8.770.50.

    it think it choose automatically 32bit version (page just suggested DOWNLOAD and I was dumb enough to do if from the front page, forgetting it might be 32bit, before i had 64.
    I now installed 64 over 32, but with no difference regarding my lost bookmarks. ugh!

  • OK, I could reimport my bookmarks from the bookmarks tab, choosing import from Vivaldi. (?!)
    Location was \username\appdata\vivaldi..

    Where is the current bookmark-Location suddenly, if not under the same folder any more? Can somebody shed light on my confusion?

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    @1001001001 You can check your current profile path by visiting vivaldi://about/ (Menu > Help > About).

    Did you alter any settings upon installing Vivaldi manually (in the program installer itself)? All of your data should remain by default. I know it's probably too late, but you could've just relaunch Vivaldi and check for updates manually - it should download the whole installer and update successfully...

  • I went with the defaul settings, assuming it would choose the same folders etc. as previously. I suspect that the 32/64 thing might have mixed it up.

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    @1001001001: Your old folder is still where it was. By using default settings, you moved your install to User/appdata/Local/Vivaldi.


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