Delay before predictive text

  • If I type something into the URL bar, it comes up with a list of possible URLs based on my history and bookmarks. That's all good, but it's a bit slow. It seems to take about a second before the list updates. Most browsers do this instantly. Is it a deliberate choice to delay it? I use this quite a lot and would find it very useful if it was fast. For example, I type in "fa", the URL auto-fills and then I just press return without needing to wait.

  • I am not able to confirm this. The list seems to update very quickly for me. W7 64bit.

  • I have small delay too,
    fox example, i type 2 letters, and then list of bookmarks shows, but after maybe half seconds, list gets updated and below bookmarks now shows history, and then i can see correct predictions.
    Its small delay, but still as OP said its almost instant on other browsers.

  • Frankly I find it too fast.

    Eg: If I want to go to, and I write quickly I end to go to a previously typed URL inside the vivaldi website.

    And this is an annoyance that vivaldi, like Opium, inherits from Chromium.


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