[BUG] Vivaldi Won't Start Again (Corrupted/Bad User Data?)

  • I'm still having issues with vivaldi not opening at all. The past 4 times I've installed vivaldi over the course of about a year, this will happen about a week in (just when I start to migrate my workload to it), and I give up on the browser for a few months. I end up having to reinstall completely.

    It appears to be an issue in the Local Appdata folder. Here's what I've observed:

    1. Vivaldi won't open at all when this happens. no process appears in the windows task manager.
    2. Vivaldi WILL launch if I log into a different windows account. Naturally, it doesn't have my customizations (which are just standard theme and settings; no off-book customizations to the browser)
    3. Following the directions on this old thread, I was able to launch the browser with a new temporary profile. Deleting the suggested files starting with "current" and "last" as suggested didn't help though. The browser still doesn't open.
    4. I CAN get the browser to launch temporarily with all my customizations intact if I delete the "Safe Browsing ..." files in my vivaldi "User Data" folder: alt text
    5. After deleting those files above, the Browser will launch with all my settings intact, but after 5 minutes or so, those files will regenerate, and the browser will crash, putting me back at square one.

  • @Lupum said in [BUG] Vivaldi Won't Start Again (Corrupted/Bad User Data?):

    my customizations (which are just standard theme and settings; no off-book customizations to the browser)

    I assume that quote answers my question, but just to be certain i'll ask anyway... are you using any extensions at all?

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    @Lupum - There is something goofy about your your install or your system. I'm reminded of a user quite recently who was dead sure something was wrong with Vivaldi and Vivaldi alone, because "everything else" worked perfectly on his system. He discovered another glitch in something else after a couple of weeks, however, had to repair Windows, and after he did so, Vivaldi suddenly magically worked just fine.

    I have to say, no one else is having the problem you are having. There WAS briefly a situation where some users had to delete a couple of those files to get a working installation, but that has not been the case for anyone for some months now.

    I don't know how the developers are going to reproduce and fix your problem, 'cuz it seems unique to you.

    At any point, have you removed the User Data folder and tried a completely clean install?

  • @Lupum
    Do you run into any troubles when you install and use vivaldi as standalone?
    It won't affect your current installation.

    • Download a stable or snapshot version
    • Click "Advanced" in the installation window
    • Select "Standalone"
    • Install in any folder you like (but I guess in this case it would be best to avoid any folders where your "old" vivaldi install already exists just to make sure that they really don't get in the way of each other)

  • Ok, So I have a bit more information for you guys:

    1. @Steffie, I did have Adblock Plus installed, and yes, it certainly occurred to me that it could be attacking the browser itself, since Vivaldi uses so much scripting. I was dubious because of the timing. Installing an adblock extension is one of the first things I do, so it had been running flawlessly for a week or two before this happened.
    2. I uninstalled Adblock Plus, and the files would still regenerate after restarting the browser. like 4 of the files will appear immediately, and then 5-10 minutes of idling later, the rest appear all at once and the browser instantly crashes.
    3. @Ayespy, I figured out it was the user data pretty fast (trying a different windows account was one of the first things I tried), so every time I reinstalled Vivaldi, I was careful to delete the old user files and do a clean install.
    4. @zaibon I haven't tried installing Vivaldi as a standalone application. I always do a regular install except I do "Install for all users" instead of the default. I'm assuming installing it as a standalone application essentially makes it a "portable" install? I'm willing to give it a try at some point, but I'm hesitant, because it's hard to prove that it's NOT going to crash, since the browser runs fine for at least a week or two after I get it set up, and I have no idea what tipped it off in the first place. I can't exactly come back in 2 months and say "Problem solved; it's never coming back", with any real confidence, unfortunately.
    5. I looked up the "Safe Browsing _____" files that I've been deleting, and a quick search said they were a Google feature. I disabled Settings->Privacy->Google Phishing and Malware Protection, and the files have stopped regenerating. Un-ticking that setting has stopped the browser crashes for me, so for now that's how I'm going to run it. I really wish I knew a way to make this reproduceable.


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