One key shortcuts

  • In Opera, 1 and 2 shortcuts were used to switch to left and right tabs. Now they switch to previous and next used tab. 😞 I saw that it is still possible to switch to right and left tabs by using 3 and 4 but it is less good (specially when using the numeric pad on which 3 and 4 aren't next to each others and in the wrong order). Could we go back to 1 and 2 to switch to left and right tabs? There is another problem with one key shortcuts: They don't work on gmail or twitter. It prevents us from using these shortcuts to quickly visit all our tabs.

  • I've noticed those keys don't work in source views either. I'm pretty confused as to how 1 and 2 actually work, regardless. I would love the old cli IRC staple where alt+# jumped to that tab number, and several browsers actually do this today.


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