I WAS WRONG, SORRY - Vivaldi is eating my RAM and sloooooooow start after new history system.

  • After some more investigation and thoughts, I have found my problem: extensions.

    I use very very few of them, because of this I gave more credit to them than they deserved. I just use extensions to reforce security and get rid of social networks. The "obligatory" adblocker, HTTPS Everywhere and Disconnect. The last was the problem, or it was conflicting with the two others.

    Serious, the situation was unbearable, but sorry, it was not Vivaldi's fault. Being honest, I still wish that some things were better (especially on Linux) but nothing really can be done about Blink... even so Vivaldi Team is doing constant optimizations and the browser is improving.

    So now I'll keep myself quiet.

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    I already commented about this out there, after the new history style was implemented Vivaldi on Linux (Ubuntu Gnome here) takes a long time "doing something" behind the scenes at start. While it does the address bard doesn't work. The address shade comes down, but clean, and I can't open new sites. Only through speed dial and bookmarks.
    It's annoying as hell, to have to wait 5 or more long minutes until it finishes and Vivaldi starts to work was it should.

    And to make things worse, I'm noticing that, while Vivaldi per se becomes faster and more responsible, and use less memory at first... with time Vivaldi refuses to give back to the system RAM for old tabs. I don't browse with a lot of tabs open, very few, and I always clean periodically the closed tabs list. RAM usage should be small right? But after some time the system starts to become slow, and when I go to verify almost all the RAM is occupied coupled with large amounts of SWAP. I'm forced to close Vivaldi to have a smooth system again.

    I heard that recent chromium engines would use less memory and thought that this would improve, but I was wrong.

    This at least is my experience on Linux, Win7 works properly.

  • I don't have Vivaldi new tab open slow in my Linux/Debian. Even if I feed Start Page with large image (as long it's JPEG or WEBP).

    I tried to reproduce it with anything I could think to throw;

    • Opening a lot of sites until all tabs (pinned) pass the monitor. No one hibernated.
    • Set 20+ of bookmarks as Speed Dials, & refresh it to make them all re-fetch thumbs.
    • Let 20 extensions running, some are scanner type like uBlock0 with default subscriptions, Tampermonkey+ 1 scripts & HTML5/Flash autoplay blocker.
    • Have one Icecast stream play.

    Vivaldi just response as usual.

    Exit Vivaldi, restart it. Again, with all of those above, just normal opening. It will faster if I turn off all mentioned extensions.

    After all done, I close open tabs, delete Speed Dials, let radio stay. All still normal & responsive.

  • It's not "new tab" that is slow, and it's now the "whole" browser.
    I'm talking about cold start. Vivaldi have to do something that I believe is related with the cache and story. As the Address Bar shows recent typed sites this information becomes unavailable until Vivaldi finishes what it's doing. I can see the HDD Led lit while I'm browsing.
    Must be something with the new story, Vivaldi have to review and updated from the cache every time it starts, and it takes time.

    As form memory consumption, it's Vivaldi, I'm sure.
    I browse with 6 tabs at most, and I'm noticing that when I use YouTube the RAM and Swap is eaten faster. Must be the videos I watched not being cleaned.

    [in portuguese - toda vez que inicio o Vivaldi ele aparece analisar o histórico da minha última navegação, e isso leva tempo. Enquanto ele faz isso não é possível abrir uma nova página digitando o endereço na barra de notificações, que é ativada, porém em branco. Leva um longo tempo até o Vivaldi terminar o que está fazendo e a barra de endereços voltar a funcionar.
    E reparei que ele não está limpando a memória como deveria. Mesmo mantendo poucas abas abertas e sempre limpando o histórico de abas fechadas, a memória vai sendo ocupada até chegar em 90%-95% e ele começar a ocupar o arquivo de Swap, tornando o sistema bastante lendo. Embora o Vivaldi fique cada vez mais rápido e use menos memória para cada aba, parece que a partir dessa versão 1.8 ele não tem limpado como deveria da RAM o lixo das abas fechadas.
    Fora estes dois problemas ele tem funcionado muito bem e melhorado a cada nova versão. Acredito que sejam apenas bugs.]

  • @Panino
    It's only my first line about new tab.

    The others is to make entire browser slow by purposely raise RAM & CPU usage. All of that, and I fail to take down my Vivaldi.

    I also mentioned, I did try to cold reboot Vivaldi with all of those tabs, extension & one radio running. All still normal.

    This system (where I run the test) only have 4GB ram, 2.24GHz CPU, 6GB Swap. After all opening done, Vivaldi only use half of 4GB ram due (I suspect) the radio.

  • after the new history style was implemented Vivaldi on Linux (Ubuntu Gnome here) takes a long time "doing something" behind the scenes at start. While it does the address bard doesn't work.

    I have the same issue since the history update.

    Every time I start a new window I have to wait ~5 seconds until I can use the address bar. Maybe there is a dependency between the amount of entries in the history? I deleted my history and it worked normal again.

    The delete dialog displayed that I have 87874 entries in my history since the last cleaning up (November 2016).

    Ubuntu 16.04 with GNOME 3.18.5
    Linux Kernel 4.8.0-45-generic
    Vivaldi 1.8.770.50 based on Chrome 57.0.2987.111

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    Slow UI can be related to bad GPU, graphics card drivers and settings.
    I remember slow OpenGL on some hardware.

  • to me the browser is fast as usual...the only thing that is really slow is the loading time and they should really do something about this...

    anyway i suggest you to completely remove vivaldi...even hidden files...it might be worth a shot...

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