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  • @kroppy Over the weekend I just had the same problem happen on my laptop as I've had before. Joining hotel wireless, the wifi prompted the default browser to open to complete the wifi login. This is Vivaldi for me, and when V loaded, all my tabs were in a flat list, no folders in sight. I'd be using the laptop happily the day before, and all was well. I tried all the emergency restore buttons (5, 10, 15 minute), but none of them made any difference (all 3 were 'active' though).

    I had saved a session from some time ago, so I tried Import & Merge. That did recreate the folders, but all the tabs were just blank pages and the tab names are chrome-extension://abcdefg...

    So, I'm assuming all is lost. I can recreate it based on what I have on my desktop, but before I do, if there's any useful information I can extract to help figure out what's going on, please let me know. I don't actually need to reset the laptop browser session until the end of the week.


  • @o0beaner Hello, I just came back from vacation. I will look into it...

  • @dsl101 Oh my gosh... I was on vacation... I'm so sorry... I have no idea what happened tho... I would need to know if chrome-extension://abcdefg..., this "abcdefg..." part was the same as when you enter tree tabs options page, it would give me an idea if tabs were created by an external extension like some unloading tabs extension. If the latter I'm afraid all is lost ๐Ÿ˜ž For example tiny suspender makes arbitrary "internal tabs" replacing original ones, then when my extension tries to recreate them using links, it most likely will not work ๐Ÿ˜ž

    On the subject of unloading tabs, I still wait for response from google if they could implement proper tabs.create as discarded to implement my own unloading system...

    Maybe anyone could help me? Can you guys vote on this issue?!msg/chrome/a0x0B9hzBZ0/HsM9jRaACAAJ

  • I notice that tab colouring extensions are generally incompatible with this extension. Tab colouring is pretty useful for some power users like me - I use it to highlight the key "important" tabs, "technical" tabs, "howto" tabs, "background" summaries, etc within a tab group.

    I know some people like to colour by domain - in my case, all tabs are "default/neutral" and I apply a colour (or reset it) manually, to mark the key tabs while reading others.

    Can anything be done to add a "colour this tab" option, or a way that at least some tab colouring extension can work with it? Or is this basically not possible or practical?

  • @stilez Coloring is not possible at the moment. Tree tabs are not the real tabs from the browser so none of the extensions can interact with it. Each extension is sandboxed and unfortunately it's just not possible with browser's "Web Extensions" API. Firefox has something to get some colors from tabstrip, but chromium (Vivaldi and Opera) does not.

    I have in plans colors for folders, but not for tabs. Sorry...

  • Just wanted to report that every time I start Vivaldi, one or two tabs which were in folders appear not in folders any more, and so I have to tidy up each time and put them back where they should be. They also don't appear at the bottom of the list, but mixed in with the handful of other 'non-folder' tabs. I haven't been able to spot a pattern yet, and it certainly isn't the last tab I had open when closing the browser for example.

    I think I'm running the latest version of TT, but I couldn't actually find the version number reported anywhere. The Extensions page says Version 100 but that doesn't look right...

  • @dsl101 Thank you for testing the nightly builds ๐Ÿ™‚ This time around I uploaded quite experimental version where folders can be placed between tabs as well, but I forgot to put version in manifest.json. Reordering is quite buggy atm. Also drag and drop is not finalized with new structure, so be careful. Anyway, I`ve uploaded a bit more "polished" 1.8.0 alpha version. Please keep reporting anything you find, just like you did now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Is 1.7.2 the latest stable version? I guess it would be nice to update the original post with this information each time a new version is released as the URI has to be updated anyhow.

    Thank you for this wonderful extension. Unfortunately, it's too buggy for me to put it to real use ATM. It looses all tree structure upon each restart.

  • Hey @kroppy I just lost all my folders again, after some external app launched Vivaldi by asking the shell to open a URL (I usually try to take care to make sure V is open before I click anything which might open a web browser, but I missed this one). Normally when this happens, the Emergency buttons work to reload, but this time they were all greyed out. I immediately closed V and reopened it, and now the Emergency buttons were available, but clicking them did nothing :(. I have about 150 tabs in an flat list now which I'm going to have to recreate.

    I really hope you're able to track this one down, as it's killed me a few times. And auto-saving sessions would be fab, as I never remember to go into the manager and explicitly save my most recent set of folders...

  • Also another thoughtโ€”and I don't know if this is out TT does it alreadyโ€”but I've always had problems loading / importing / merging sessions when the number of tabs is high, as V simply runs out of memory. I remember you saying before that it's not possible to create a session and add tabs without them loading (unlike when V launches and tabs are hibernated by default).

    So, during the import / merge / load, would it be possible to have V load each tab, then hibernate it before loading the next one? It will probably take longer I understand, but should reduce memory load and stand a chance of completing. For the odd occasion where I've had a complete meltdown of the current session and lost all my folders, I'd rather set that running and get a coffee than have to work through the long flat list putting everything back where it came from...

    Tx. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @kroppy I think I finally noticed a pattern to the unwanted loading of tabs after closing the current tab. Since I had to start from scratch with my folders, I had a much simplified structure.

    I've captured some shots to make the description easier. You can see below I'm typing this in a tab in Folder 1, and I have another folder with 2 unloaded tabs:


    Then I open a new tab from the current one by double-clicking:


    When I close that tab, focus should go straight back to the previous tab, which is in fact what happens:


    But at the same time, the tab below the one I just closed is also loaded for some reason. I don't know if this is Vivaldi or TT causing this, and my TT settings say to let the browser decide what should happen:


    and my browser setting says most recently used:


    Hope that's usefulโ€”I'm using the nightly build BTW.

  • Export session button stopped working for me recently :(. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint a moment, but maybe update to Vivaldi 2.x is connected?

  • @leggewie Well, yes 1.7.2 is last stable. Can you check out my last nightly build? It should be at stable state and is close to be a release candidate, most importantly if loss of tree structure is resolved or not. If not, I have to find out what causes it.

  • @stvad Same for me, so it must be related. ๐Ÿ˜ž When I open panel in new tab (right click on panel icon, Open in->New Tab), there it works flawlessly. I have no idea why it started to block it (again) from the web panel.

  • @dsl101 Sorry for the wait, I had to take a break for few weeks, since the lack of sleep It was getting dangerous on the roads for me (and not only me)...
    Yes, tabs are made with url, index position, and some other useless stuff, but the most important option is not available in chromium... "make it unloaded". Anyway I make tabs and unload them by some degree, after favicon or at least title is in place otherwise you would have no idea what is what, but fair enough, it would be better to create tab or only few at once and then after previous are done and unloaded make next few and so on.

    By the way please post anything here, it's exactly what is needed for this issue:!msg/chrome/a0x0B9hzBZ0/HsM9jRaACAAJ

    So Chromium folks see that there is some interest.

  • @kroppy That's great that the feature is coming. Chrome Dev is on 72 already. Do you know if this landed in 71, as the target says?

  • @dsl101 I will look into that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @dsl101 Nope... In Chromium 72 Canary build using chrome.tabs.create({discarded:true});
    still returns "Unexpected property: 'discarded'".
    So unloaded tabs is still not a thing for chromium ๐Ÿ˜ž
    I use Firefox for the time being, although I don't like it ๐Ÿ˜ž What I miss from Vivaldi, is the Speed Dial with images for links and bookmarks.
    But I was able to export my session from Vivaldi and import it to Firefox using my extension ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hmm. OK, I will try to post a reply to that chromium thread asking if the target is still accurate (even though we know it isn't :). I will try the export / import to firefox, as I do use both for dev / testing anyway. Thanks again for your continuing efforts on this!

  • Hi! Just wanted to say that I can't install the latest Nightly ("1.8.1 - Redid almost entire code, a lot more to do"). I'm using Opera and it asks for some files that aren't there, like "background_listeners.js".

    One other thing: I'm having a problem with Tree Tabs: I have hundreds of tabs, sorted in groubs and folders, but their order keeps changing. I have some tabs that I keep changing position to discover, next time Opera starts, that they went back. Anyway to fix this? What would be the latest build without this problem?

    Thank you for your help!


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