Vivaldi Webmail Spam marker problem

  • I have a pretty irritating issue with vivaldi webmail.
    I send myself once or twice a day a mail from my vivaldi mail account to my vivaldi mail account.
    Mostly stuff to remind myself to do this or that when I come home.
    Yesterday I sent - with only a few hours apart - two mails with the Subject "Music" and as content I wrote a trackname and an artist to remind myself to ad them to my playlist next time I sit at my pc.
    The first mail was delivered completely normal but the second one got SPAM written in front of the subject - although both contained only text and not links or attachments.


    So here are 3 questions:

    1.) Why does mail I send to myself (from the same account) get labeled as spam anyway? (I think I am trustworthy enough to open my own mails)
    2.) Why is the spam-labeling so inconstant? (same subject just with a few words of content)
    3.) Does anybody else exerienced this before

    Thanks for reading

    Note: I hope this is the right forum - if not, please feel free to move it to the right location

  • Moderator

    In general, there are many rules by which the mail server determine whether a certain message is a SPAM or not. My guess is, that in this case repeated messages from same address with the same title get labeled as SPAM automatically...


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