Problem with youtube videos

  • In some videos, there are only the 360p and auto options available when using vivaldi, but with an other browser there are also options up to 1080p60. Is this a bug in the browser or am i doing something wrong?

  • I can't answer with 100% certainty, but I believe that the browser doesn't have native support for the H.264 codec that might be used on YouTube if using the HTML5 player, basically youtube encodes videos in several different formats, their own being VP8 and VP9 and another one they're using is H.264 which is proprietary meaning it would cost Vivaldi money to implement it in their browser.. Anyway so youtube will encode the videos in these different codecs and VP8 will often be the first to finish along with H.264 follow by VP9 however Google has opted to only allow 360p (and possibly less) for VP8 meaning that's rather useless which then leaves the fallback to H.264 which Vivaldi doesn't support (unless using Flash plugin but then not over HTML5) and VP9 which takes longer to encode (If I understand it correctly) So then what you are left to on many recent videos is simply VP8 which again only shows 360p

    Again I'm not 100% sure that's right, may vary a bit and terminology may also be wrong, the takeaway is that it doesn't show more than 360p because Vivaldi doesn't support H.264 over HTML5 and VP9 "version" isn't finished yet.

    With the above in mind I have personally opted to use an extension to force Flash playback on Youtube (I use another Chromium based browser)


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