Sharing / Syncing Browser settings like bookmarks and quick commands with other users

  • Is it possible to share specified, or all of my Vivaldi settings with another user?

    I would like to be able to get on a different computer with entirely different emails and user accounts etc and still be able to have my Vivaldi setup (bookmarks, panels, layout, quick commands etc)

  • Moderator

    @shaw: There's no remote syncing yet, though its being tested right now. In the meantime, to get a "clone" of my Vivaldi from one machine to another, I just copy the User Data/Default folder from the program directory on the machine which already has my setup, to whatever other machine I want to have the same setup.

    Bookmarks can be sync'ed on an ongoing basis for now using XMarks extension, and one can also use a password-syncing app like LastPass if one wants. But at just this moment, there's no formal way to sync Vivaldi on one system to Vivaldi on another. As I say, it's in progress.


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