Importing Favorites Problem

  • G'day all. Requesting some help with importing my favorites from Maxthon Browser. I've saved it using the option of HTML but when I open the file in Vivaldi it looks like the attachment. I was hoping to be able to import it straight into the favorites in Vivaldi. But i have to click on each from this "file" in order to open it. Thanks much.


  • vivaldi button (or file) > import bookmarks and settings > choose html import and (obviously) point to your .html file.
    Then you should find them in the "imported" folder.

  • @jayceejm
    That's HTML format is how exported bookmarks looks like when we export to HTML.
    It's a legacy form. Guaranteed to be supported by most browsers import/export.

    Unfortunately, come with a twist. This format doesn't support the browsers native form, like descriptions or tag/nickname, etc..
    By default it's only support name & link & sometime favicon. Bare minimum, browsers will support those.

  • @Hadden89 Hi Hadden. THanks. I am pretty sure that is exactly what I did. What am I missing?

  • @dLeon Hi Leon Thanks for the reply. Am I to take this to mean that there is nothing that can be done. I barely speak "tech" so forgive the question if it's a dumb one.

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    @jayceejm: What you need to do is actually IMPORT that HTML file, not just use it like a web page.

    Menu/File/Import Bookmarks and Settings, and then select From:HTML Bookmarks File, then navigate/browse to the HTML file you have created from the other browser, and select it and import it. You should get an "imported" file in your bookmarks panel or bookmarks page, which contains all of the bookmarks from that file.

  • @Ayespy Thank you Thank you Thank you Ayespy. Worked perfectly enough.

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    @jayceejm: More than happy to help.

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