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  • Might seem too basic to answer but folks I can't find anything in settings that helps me to get pages to open in the background if you click a hyperlink in a page. Deeply appreciate the help out.

  • @jayceejm
    You could use Ctrl+click or Middle Click to always open in background.
    Of course, context menu always there.

    If you mean force it settings, then there's none (yet), except you use extension. So does other browsers actually.
    Browsers honour what web site builder coded their link. They could coded it to open in new foreground, background or new window.

    Don't bother to request it. Vivaldi devs not long ago change the default to force open link in current window, some asked for it because it's like old Opera. Others mad because it's not conform other browsers.

  • @dLeon I confess I have a browser fetish and in pretty much all I get to go to settings and where it asks "Open New Tab" I get to choose the "in a new window" or in the foreground" or "in the background". To make sure I get are saying that's not there and so context menu or ctrl and click are my only options?
    If I went with you know the name off hand?? THanks

  • @jayceejm
    Yes, Vivaldi (currently) doesn't has more tweak able mouse.
    Note, extended mouse & keyboard tweaks had been request all over the places. Especially, in Feature Request.

    For extensions, I see & test a couple:

    • Right Click Opens Link in New Tab
      Use right click & middle click intead. Tweak able. Looks promising. Maybe you could bug the author to extend it more.
    • Force Background Tab
      Basically only force tab to open in background. Not tweak able unfortunately. Personally, I preferred this.

    Searching for "open link in background" at Chrome Store return a bunch of extensions. Obviously I couldn't test them all.

  • @dLeon Thank you in bunches. Much appreci-luv.

  • @jayceejm
    Add or modify the gestures for "New Tab" and "New Background Tab" in the Mouse settings. You should see a grayed-out entry below each one that says "Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link)" and "Open Link in Background Tab (Over a Link)" respectively. You can set gestures there for new tab and new background tab, and they will automatically apply to the link behavior:
    I use up for foreground tab and down for background tab.



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