After two long days i m already moving away from vivaldi

  • unluckily vivaldi really disappointed me,my experince was super negative ,nothing but bugs:
    the worst for me was how vivaldi manages pinned tab,in chrome and firefox if i pin a tab when i restart the browser the pinned tab is there whithout the need to enable restore last session in setting (wich i hate),also CLOSE OTHER TAB keyboard shortcut MUST distinguish between pinned and no pinned tab(whihout the need to mess with pinned tab close setting close like other tabs ,minimize etc)
    the other mojor bug is that custom extensions shortcut assigned in extension page are totally ingnored by vivaldi its a 4 months old bug come on!!!!!!!!!!
    is there any hope to have all this problems fixed before unistalling vivaldi once for good??

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    @alessandro.paladino Vivaldi is a browser that's still in the process of being developed. It also has some amazing features not present in any other browser. Furthermore, the Vivaldi team goes beyond what any other company does to engage and to seek input from its community of users. This gives us, Vivaldi users, the opportunity to politely share our feedback, request changes and new features, and report bugs. However, it's unrealistic to expect Vivaldi to prioritize any one person's "pet bug" over another or to accommodate every one of our requests.

    If you find that another browser works better for you, great. However, Vivaldi is being enhanced and polished constantly and is maturing at a very rapid rate. It's up to you whether or not you also want to help shape its future.


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