My Thoughts on Vivaldi after 3 days

  • Hello, I am a system engineer, I came to try Vivaldi from Opera. I have been using V for several days now, and here are a few of my likes.

    Love the panel feature.

    Impressed that I can install Chrome extensions natively (without the use of a hack).

    Again impressed that it can install Chrome Apps (Opera was not able to do this, so major points there).

    I found V to be rather stable and extremely fast. Though I admit my setup is probably not the norm. I am running V on a standalone version residing on a RAM disk.

    Still, despite all those, I’m not entirely comfortable with V as my browser of choice yet, simply because it lacks syncing. In today’s world of crossed ecosystem, this is simply a MUST.

    Having a VPN feature like Opera would be nice too, but I can wait for that to be last.

    In all honesty, I would be using V as my primary browser were it not for the lack of syncing. Still, I plan to keep on dabbling in V to learn more of it, and I know (or rather hope) that syncing will come in time and then I can fully switch over.

    Because to me with Vivaldi, I would be getting a new and improved version of Chrome, one that is highly customizable and feature-riched, but also, one without the resource hog-ness of Chrome. I had thought Opera would be that, but as I mentioned earlier Opera does not utilize Chrome apps.

    Thank you, Vivaldi Dev Team for bringing us a breath of fresh air into the old complacent browsers!

  • Opera VPN is not a real VPN. But otherwise... welcome (:

  • @luetage Agreed. I could easily spin up a VPN on AWS on the fly, but for browsing in my local coffee shop opera VPN is plenty good enough.

  • @0blivion

    Though I admit my setup is probably not the norm. I am running V on a standalone version residing on a RAM disk.

    You put the main application on RAM disk?
    It's indeed not normal, at least for these days.
    Usually only cache or temporary files/folders will be sent there.

  • Yes.

    I wrote a little script that before the PC shutdown it copies the changed files to a physical disk. When it boots back up, a script copies it back to RAM.

  • Moderator

    @0blivion The V team is working on sync. I hope some news about it still in this year

  • @ozoratsubasa Awesome!

    I'm so glad to hear that. As I've stated, that is really the only lackness keeping me from using V every day. I'm sure i'm not the only one that uses more than a single computer; PC at home, macbook for portability, windows/linux at work. So you see? I really need them them all to sync. Yes, I could go a 3rd party route. But who knows when those gets drop unexpectedly.


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