Suggestions for a session manager...

  • I'm looking for a session manager extension with at least some of the functionality of Firefox's Session Manager extension.
    I want it to
    a) Save and restore sessions
    b) Let me organise the list of sessions using 'folders'. (I use lots!)
    c) Restore them to the same size on the same monitor

    I've tried quite a few of the popular Chrome ones like Session Buddy, session Manager, Tabs Outliner and although they nearly all do a), few do c) and
    none do b).

    Any suggestions?

  • @sclg said in Suggestions for a session manager...:

    Firefox's Session Manager

    Just personal opinions & suggestions.
    I understand these not what you're looking for.

    For a)

    1. Why not use Vivaldi own Save session in Menu ~ File?
    2. You could also stack or multi choose tabs and then save them as bookmarks. They will go to one new folder. You could always open the folder & load the bookmarks at once.

    Positive points from both of them;

    • You could close all your tabs before quit. Next start will be fast as no tabs open/loaded.
    • You won't need extra extensions eating resources, as they're Vivaldi internals.

    For b)
    I've got no idea what is that. Never use FF Session Manager extension as it conflict/redundant with my other favorite Firefox extension of that time, Tab Mix Plus.

    For c)
    Could problematic to find. Chrome extension built/tune up for Chrome or Chromium Window. Vivaldi built its own window from scratch, nothing to do with Chromium window.

    Either they will making/having problems or just won't work at all. Some extensions that manipulate windows or tabs known to have that symptoms in Vivaldi.

  • @dLeon
    I'll look at the internal Vivaldi options.

    Interesting you had problems with FF Session Manager and Tab Mix Plus as I've used the two of them together for years!


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