• I see nothing intuitive regarding the handling of bookmarks. I know this is first release, but some work needed here: 1 Adding a folder seems to change the current folder name. The name entered is not the one shown. 2 When moving a bookmark, there is no indication that the action was completed until another click is made; so one does not know if the move was done correctly.

  • Gotta have a Bookmarks Bar

  • Thankfully, Vivaldi, unlike Chrome, does have a real Bookmarks panel. Click the symbol on the top left.
    To me, a Bookmarks Bar is useless because it takes way too much room or shows too few bookmarks. I need the panel on the left.

  • Bookmark bar has arrived, thanks guys, good work!

    But if you'r still on it, I am missing one layout option.
    The "top" position of the bar is below the url-bar (like most other browser), I really miss it to place the bar on top of the window (right below the title-bar). With this setting, the bar is out of the way and i don't have to go over it every time and still have a quick access to the most important bookmarks.
    A small feature with a big impact to everydays work 🙂


  • Moderator

    Yes. This was the position of the "personal bar" in classic Opera. It was a handy option to have.


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