Cursor keeps disappearing

  • In the latest snapshot 1.8.770.44 (Official Build) (32-bit)

    The cursor keeps disappearing after it isn't moved for a second or two. Sometimes when I want to save a picture or something, it opens a window to show the directories, sometimes the cursor is straight up missing in there, I have to close the window and attempt saving again for the cursor to display properly for that window.

    Other issues with the latest few snapshots:

    1. Navigating through address bar suggestions with the mouse feels clunky and hard as the visual representation of the item doesn't reflect the element underneath that determines the focus of the cursor.

    2. Hovering the cursor over a profile on youtube comments usually pops up a small tooltip-like window with the user's info, sometimes linking to a Google+ profile. With the latest snapshots, this tooltip takes too long to load, sometimes I have to hover on another one, wait it to load (way longer than usual/expected) and then come back to the one I wanted to see in the first place.

    I remember some months ago there was again problem with youtube, but it was about the top right user menu that didn't open, but it was fixed.

  • I bet you have a tab with a fullscreen YT video playing.
    Settings/Webpages/fullscreen mode/Hide the mouse cursor.

  • @iAN-CooG Actually, I DID have a tab with YouTube, but it was not full screen and it was paused. But after I reinstalled the browser from scratch and installed the same snapshot but x64 (for the fun of it), now it's no longer an issue, but issues 1 and 2 still remain.

    I pointed those out in the second from last snapshot, an user replied that they had no such issues, I figured maybe if I delete my profile and/or did a full reinstall, it would get fixed, but it doesn't - still an issue.

    EDIT: #2 Issue seems like it was resolved when I did complete reinstall. But issue #1 continues to exist.

  • @LAMBDA471 said in Cursor keeps disappearing:

    @iAN-CooG Actually, I DID have a tab with YouTube, but it was not full screen and it was paused.

    It doesn't matter, the hide cursor setting never really worked as it should, and to avoid cursor disappearing in other tabs i prefer keep it always visible, and hide it myself when needed. I am sure that option it's some dirty hack the devs placed in Vivaldi at some point and hiding the cursor in full screen videos it's also a trivial issue, so a proper fix it's in their "non critical issues" todo list.


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