Suggestion - clic in tab for fast scroll top

  • Hi dears

    I love the option in Yandex and CocCoc browser for clic on the title tab and scroll to top in the page.

    I think should be a interesting option for Vivaldi (I am using Rapida voluta extension for scroll to top)


  • @ramonjosegn This is not a suggestion that I have seen before in the Feature Requests thread, but that is the right place to post feature requests.

    I would not like it as I use click on tab for "Minimise Active Tab" (focus last used tab) in Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Tab Cycling.

    For scroll to top of the page I use a mouse gesture:

    • GestureUp = Scroll Page To Top, and
    • GestureDown = Scroll Page To Bottom

  • OK, I waiting for this request, thanks

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