extension custom shortcut not working

  • i cannot really believe but why extension custom shortcut have absolutely no effect on vivaldi???????????
    which the purpose of this browser then??

  • You are not making much sense.
    The purpose of this browser is for browsing, is not built around extensions or aimed at making 3rd party extensions working, if they work, it's a nice side effect. If something is not working, you can always report a bug explaining what you are doing with detail of exact expected behaviour, and hope developers find it's a real issue and have it on their todo list.

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    @alessandro.paladino: One of the reasons some Chrome extensions have no effect on Vivaldi is that the Vivaldi UI is unrelated to Chromium, and cannot be affected by the things which are designed to plug into or configure the Chromium UI. Special code has to be written to make UI modifications from Chrome extensions appear in the Vivaldi UI.

    Although Vivaldi uses the Chromium and V8 ENGINES, it is not a Chrome knock-off browser as most Chromium-based browsers are.

  • sorry for being rude but none of the anwser are correct it s a bug because some extension shortcut if set to global in setting are effective ,but if set to vivaldi only are totally ignored so its a bug

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    @alessandro.paladino: Call it what you like. The extension is written to act upon an element which Vivaldi does not possess, because it does not use Chrome's UI layer. That doesn't mean it can't be "fixed." It only means that a lot of code will have to be written to emulate something Vivaldi does not have, in order to "fix" it. So a fix will not be ready tomorrow. An answer which lays out the facts may not be an answer you like, but it is still correct. Sorry you don't like it.

  • Any updates on this?

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