Setting Custom Background Image takes a lot of time to reflect

  • I have to wait more than 10 seconds to see the changes in Background Image(Custom).
    I opened a new tab to check if the changes were visible in a new tab but it always took more than 10 seconds.
    What can be the reason?

    I am using Vivaldi 64 Bit - Windows 10(5th Gen, i3/4 GB RAM).

  • @utkarsh
    What size in pixel & file size of your image?
    Vivaldi Start Page troubled if it's too big in either case.
    I also notice it will troubled if "Scale to Fit" for too big image was checked.

    If you're next question is "what's the max size then?". As user, I also have no idea.

  • @dLeon Thanks for looking into my problem. I was using Photo of the Day from National Geographic website
    Right Clicking on the image and "Use Image as Start Page Background". Most of the images are below 100 KB and I am not sure about "Scale to Fit". Can you please check website to confirm if any of the issues that you think of exist?

  • @utkarsh
    No issue on that site.
    Beside, the image was downloaded/copied when we use it as background.

    I have no problem using either the big (~99kb) or its small one (~77kb) as background. The pixel size was small too.
    I even tried use Speed Dial with many bookmarks & they all has thumbnails. Which mean re-draw each of them on Vivaldi Speed Dials/Start Page.
    New Tab Page just open instantly for me here.

    "Scale to Fit", one of Vivaldi Start Page image background option. That one or "Repeat".

  • @dLeon Thanks for you time. May be there is some problem in my system. Will confirm if the problem continues to exist after next update. 🙂
    Thanks again.


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