App wont open in maximized state if i do close it in maximized window size

  • i was very excited at first i thought i had finally found a substitute for chrome but why won't vivaldi remember the window size when i reopen it, sometimes it remember windows size but after 2 or 3 times i restart the browser it reset as shown in picture. i can also manually edit pref file in profile folder but it reset after 2 or 3 times. very disappointed !
    screen shot of the issue

    now i have to go back to chrome

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    @alessandro.paladino: Thank you for your interest in Vivaldi. I'm sorry it's not up to your standards on Mac yet. (I have not observed these problems on Windows or Linux)

    The rules of the forum require respect and courtesy, so I have edited the profanity from your comment. I hope you will check out Vivaldi again in the future, when it is more developed. Thank you!

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    Vivaldi window state management on macOS has gotten better over time but still suffers from some annoying bugs.

    If you quit Vivaldi (Command-Q) and relaunch, it remembers the window size reliably, including the maximized and fullscreen states.

    If at least one Vivaldi window is open and another one is opened with Command-N, it will (almost always) open with the correct size.

    However, if you close all Vivaldi windows and open a new one with Command-N, it consistently opens with the "default" (wrong) window size. Incidentally, quitting Vivaldi in this state and relaunching will create windows of the "correct" size again, so it hasn't completely lost the desired dimensions and positions.

    Thanks for sharing your frustration; Vivaldi needs to be reminded that their browser's non-native quirks are annoying and driving away some Mac users. However, Vivaldi's UI is also more Mac-like in many ways than Firefox or Chrome, and if you continue using Vivaldi and sidestep its current quirks, its many other positive attributes will also shine through.

  • @ayespy the issue with restoring window state from the previous session is reproduced on Win 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 17.10 Xorg).
    There is no extension installed in both cases.
    On Linux i'm using 1.14.1047.3 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit)

    I've found a workaround that works for me for both Win and Linux.
    Un-maximize window
    Close app
    Start app - the window is opened maximized (but..).

    1. ... but, maximize state icon is sometimes incorrect (just after the start).
    2. ... and in some cases (like now) unmaximize-maximize dos not update the corresponding icon on the title bar.

    p.s. it raises doubts about more important features especially security-related if the simplest things not working and cannot be fixed for long time. so sad 😞

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    I'm locking this thread because the issue discussed in the original post is not really relevant anymore; much of Vivaldi's window handling code has been rewritten since then.

    The are still some remaining issues that need to be fixed regarding keeping track of window states but (hopefully) by the time Vivaldi 1.14 gets released, it should follow the macOS platform conventions pretty closely.


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