How to Change the default speed dial?

  • is it possible to change the default speed dial? I tried vivaldi://newtab in tab settings but it keeps loading

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    @luciothiago: options for dealing with newtab are currently under review. It was available for using various speed dial extensions, but as such, it was also appearing in the Vivaldi interface where it was not wanted. It's been blocked from the Vivaldi interface, so options to use speed dial extensions are under review.

  • thanks for reply, at least vivaldi should allow to change dial thumbnails in a easy way, and if chromium allows dial extensions and has no issues, vivaldi should do the same. I hope that the vivaldi team finds some way to fix that

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    @luciothiago: Yes. Vivaldi's interface (adopted to make it faster to develop and more configurable) is actually unrelated to Chromium - so the fact Chromium can do something is not suggestive that Vivaldi should be able to do the same thing. And this interface issue very directly affects Speed Dial extensions. Something is sure to be worked out, but Vivaldi's first emphasis is to have its own built-in options. Compatibility with extensions would be a secondary consideration (though not altogether unimportant).

    Making it easy to customize Speed Dial thumbnails in Vivaldi without needing an extension is on the developers' list

  • thank you, that's what we want


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