• If you go here: www.voicenorth.org

    The logo this organisation is using, looks suspiciously like your logo.

    Can't you get them to change theirs - apparently they are a very new organisation.

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    @Charles007: I don't see the similarity.

  • I do see something of a similarity, though the Voicenorth "V" is 'broken' on the right side below the comma-like serif, and their background color block is circular while Vivaldi's is square. Additionally, Vivaldi's "V" is rounder and softer in appearance. Probably what contributes most to the seeming similarity is their joint use of a white letter on a red background, which at first glance tends to obscure the several differences. The key point, though, is that Voicenorth's business line is totally different from Vivaldi's, so confusion is unlikely to be an issue.

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    Everyone wants to be Vivaldi


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    The similarity is probably coincidental and not close enough to cause an issue with brand recognition. The logos are different shapes for a start, and the voicenorth logo is a slightly darker red.

  • I agree, both logos should remain as-is.

    Companies almost never explain their logos, but arguably, for the top-right element Voice has a better use of its quote than Vivaldi’s blobby serif.

    Yet the unconscious recognition of their similarity is undeniable, more so than any other Vs that @Ayespy listed. The different nuance is only apparent when comparing them side by side, and regarding the shape difference, Vivaldi even published a circle-square transition:

    Vivaldi speed-dial animation

    Opera went thru several logo changes, I expect Vivaldi will do the same.


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