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    Please, what do you need?
    A number at the end of each tab?

  • The functionality for switching already appears to be there, but jie2515 does bring up a valid point. Win+num has also been a shortcut combination for things on the windows taskbar for awhile, so the concept is a familiar one.
    The thing that always made it a pain for me though, and therefore prevented me from using it most of the time, was that you always had to explicitly count from the left to figure out which tab or window (for the taskbar) was which. Unless you memorized where you pinned something, you'd never get any benefit from it.
    A couple things to note, as I see them:

    1. If you put in numbers, they'd take up space / get in the way, unless they only appear while you press and hold the ctr key.
    2. The ctr key gets used for enough other things atm (zooming, ctr+tab, ctr+N, etc) that having things pop up on the UI like this every time you hold ctr could be distracting.
    3. you can't enumerate past the first 10 tabs anyway, because you can't do ctr+11. ctr+0 would be the limit, standing in for a 10.
    4. On the other hand, you could decide to put in a sort of full "accessibility overlay" that put's a shortcut key label next to each button (not just tabs) while you hold the ctr key. The whole browser would light up with labels while the key is held. Something like this would be more in the spirit of the F2 key though in my opinion. I also reiterate what I said in point 2.

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    I think it would make more sense to add Access Keys to the Window menu. The Tabs are already quite cluttered enough with the favicon, page title, close button, and possibly a mute icon too. A number would only add to the clutter.

    Automatically adding numbers as access keys is not hard to do, and is easy to use. I have several other apps that use this method.

    0_1490380550368_Access Keys.png

    Added Feature Request as: (VB-26842) Feature Request: Add Access Keys to Window Menu


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