GIF images on Facebook cant play

  • Hello, the GIF images in facebook cant be played, only show white image, after click on the image.

  • Trying latest snapshot 1.8.770.40 (Build oficial) and problem persist

  • @gh0stzk
    Facebook didn't support "real" 256 colors GIF animated images till this day as far as I know.
    People post "fake" animated of GIF there. It's actually MP4/h264 or WEBM without sound with static real GIF as cover. Long story if you want to research all of that.

    Sites that provide those kind of images

    Anyway, was h264 video play in your Vivaldi?
    You could check it by visiting
    This multimedia support roughly suppose look like this;
    If it doesn't, try to install "Media Feature Pack" package. I believe it's available for Win 7~10.

    It's all about HTML5 they said. So also make sure you didn't block HTML5 video autoplay or even blocking scripts.

  • @dLeon said in GIF images on Facebook cant play:

    Media Feature Pack

    Yes i have h.264 active, ad block on fb disabled. On firefox, and chrome i dont have issues. i will re check my vivaldi options

  • Moderator

    @gh0stzk: Everything plays here. I have done nothing to make it work. It just works. So look for special settings you may have changed or things you may have blocked.

  • on my windows in settings i desactivated on the menu of "windows caracteristics" the Internet explorer i will activate, thats the only thing i desactivated on my windows. i will try and inform.

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