"Clear browser/private data" - how come the item list has become shorter?

  • Hi all,

    I just noticed that with the latest update the number of items on the list of "clear browser/private data" has become way shorter. Half to a third of what it used to be.

    Why was this done❓
    Can it be re enabled❓ And if so, where❓

    Thanks in advance. 👍


  • This was introduced in 1.8.770.38 as "[History] Reduce and group items in delete private data dialog (VB-26660)" as you can read in the changelog on the blog
    If it still is possible to enter those functions or if they are now integrated into other functions I can't tell you.

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    @RogerWilco: The menu was simplified to reduce user confusion. No, it can't re re-expanded at this time.

    All of the functions that were present, still are - just consolidated. Like "Typed History" is now included in "Browser History."

  • Thanks zaibon & Ayespy.

    I really missed that change note. Thanks for having cleared that up for me.

    I don't want it to sound like nagging, the reason why I liked that previous granular level is that it provided a high level of control.

    At the same time that I can understand that it might be too much information for one or the other user, I still can imagine that to some it might be valuable.

    A comparison to tools or let's say kitchen things: I guess there are reasons why we have spoons, knives etc. in various sizes. Yes, 😃 I love cooking. "Customizations" you can in fact eat with and enjoy.

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    The shortened checkbox menu is better.
    Many users (me too, i am not a Chromium core developer) did not really know which entries were clearing which data.

  • One example are Cookies & Locale storage. Formerly they're split, but clearing just one of them doesn't get what we actually hope for. We need to clear both or could damage site user experience.

    Clearing Local Storage for Vivaldi forum while keeping its cookies let me stay log in. But it eventually kick me to error page, asking to re-login. At least that what happen to me.

    Like @Gwen-Dragon, I also overwhelmed with the older options. What is what?
    I'm an old timer, still, I always forgot what most of those options targeted for.


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