Drag & drop images?

  • This is a question so simple I can't google it, because I can only find answers to more complicated questions.

    All I want to do is drag a jpg from Windows Explorer and drop it in a blank Vivaldi tab. I do this with other browsers (including classic Opera) all the time. But when I do, nothing happens, the tab just remains blank.

    Am I being really stupid here?

    (If you want my excuses: I need a way to arrange and easily cycle through reference images for my work, and Classic Opera was always my favourite way of doing it for various reasons. Especially now that Windows 10 has changed the way its photo viewer works so it's even further from what I want.)

  • Drag and drop is heavily requested in the Feature Request Thread for 1.8/1.9 where you can upvote suggestions. And I think I've read somewhere that this is already in the making but at the moment I can't fidn the post where this was mentioned.

  • @zaibon Oh! So it really isn't available?

    Does anyone know... why? I mean, isn't it a really basic function of a browser? I'd have thought someone like the Vivaldi people wouldn't take out something like that. I assumed I had a bug!

    Ok, well, I'll go and upvote in that thread I guess! Thanks 🙂

  • @Luddite The problem is that there is a gazillion of "Basic Features" so they get implemented one after another but this takes some time.
    ; )

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    @Luddite said in Drag & drop images?:

    I mean, isn't it a really basic function of a browser?

    No it's not. It's a basic function of an image viewer. Opera 12.17 acquired a whole load of features, except for easy backup of settings, but it took twenty years of development.

    Vivaldi developers did not take anything out. If it's available in Chrome, then it should be available in Vivaldi. If not, the developers have to build it.

  • @Luddite Dragging files from a file explorer isn't guaranteed to produce the same behavior across different platforms, it's different from the drag-and-drop API implemented by browsers for the HTML spec. It's doable, especially since Chromium already does it I believe, but it certainly isn't a really basic function; it took work.

  • Oh! I didn't mean to imply it was easy. I just thought it was one of the first things you'd include in a browser, like, I guess, having bookmarks or image scaling. I had thought this was something we all used browsers for, but maybe it was just me! I'm happy to wait and upvote the feature request (although I've scrolled through several pages of the linked thread and can't find it yet...!)

  • Works on osx, so this should be coming for windows too.

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    @Luddite Just because it's a basic functionality for your workflow, doesn't mean it's a basic thing for everyone. I'd argue that most of the users don't use that method of opening images in the browser (or don't even open images in browsers at all).

    As for the Feature Request thread, the only request I could find was this one - which isn't actually what you're asking for. You're asking for the ability to open documents dropped on the Speed Dial page - just like it works for documents dropped onto other tabs. You might have to post such request in that Feature Request thread.

  • @Luddite said in Drag & drop images?:

    Windows 10 has changed the way its photo viewer works so it's even further from what I want.

    You could consider using a specific software like xnview or irfanview or using a small hack to restore photo viewer in 10 😉


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