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  • Hi,
    I'm wondering if there is any way to get rid of this cleartype fonts used by Vivaldi (and more and more SW including Win10)?
    What exactly do I mean? See pictures, it is more than 1000 words:
    Cleartype font:

    Not cleartype font (snap taken from Firefox):

    BTW difference is visible when picture is not resized, so to see it correctly click picture. Generally cleartype font is blurry and not sharp.
    Usually it helps change default font from any to Tahoma, in Vivaldi it does not work 😞

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    You cant disable ClearType/DirectWrite in Vivaldi.
    Such internal hidden settings were removed in Chromium code base.

    Perhaps this extension (untested) will help:

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Nope, does not work as expected 😕
    Grrr... from votes I can see I'm not the only one who suffer from this new "fashion" of destroying things that were OK 😞
    If I only could understand what for this font rendering change was done?
    Am I really one of few who can see how crappy this new renderring is?
    Anyway thanks for trying to help.

  • Cleartype works great for me but I had to configure it differently on both PCs I use, because depending on the monitor could look bad with default settings.
    Have you tried to optimize Cleartype in control panel/screen?

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    @samezrp said in clear types fonts:

    Am I really one of few who can see how crappy this new renderring is?

    I agree, i would not call it crappy. But it is a real problem with some browser families having a bad font render engine.
    Getting older a blurry/unsharp text is a No-Go for me.
    But currently there is no fix found yet for Vivaldi 😞


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