Space under bookmark list

  • I'd like to know how to eliminate that space for the description of each bookmark or folder under the bookmark list opened pressing F4.
    alt text

  • You can drag that entire section closed. There is a handle just below the final bookmark.

    I wish that was a popup rather than taking up space in the bookmark panel.

  • Drag the bookmark / description separator down.

    BTW: Use cloud + Up Arrow icon to upload images to your posts.

    0_1490249366072_Bookmark Separator.png

  • I didn't notice that if you close it by the handle than it stays down for the successive sessions too. Thank you

  • @omicron
    You mean like this?
    If it does, then we all at lost with your request meaning. I also thought you're looking like what @g_bartsch & @Pesala suggested.

    Add this to your custom.css (Warning! There's a little twist).

    div.fieldset.resizable {
        display: none !important;

    Due I just do it in fast swoop, this userstyle also get rid description line/field in Bookmarks Manager. That div element too wide.
    I re-check about it latter if I have more time.

    Info about custom.css;

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