Extension that opens the active tab in Google Chrome.

  • Are there any extensions that make the Vivaldi tab link open in Google Chrome?
    As this extension for Firefox - Open With
    If you can share I thank you! ☺

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    @JuniorSilva30: Nope. No function or extension that permits a Vivaldi tab to open in another browser at the moment, so far as I can tell. When the function comes, it will be built in, one imagines, and not by way of an extension. Hopefully, though, Vivaldi will soon be so compatible with everything that no such function is needed.

  • @JuniorSilva30 Most extensions available for Vivaldi are just Chrome extensions from the webstore, no dedicated library as far as I know, and it would be nonsensical to have a Chrome Extension to open tabs in Chrome(?)

    You used to be able to drag tabs between Vivaldi and a running instance of Firefox though, it didn't move them but it did duplicate successfully. Not sure if works for other blink based browsers too.

  • @duarte.framos Thanks I did not know that dragging the tab to Chrome would work! And it works very well! 🙂
    The bad thing is that Chrome already has to be open if it does not work, but for now it is good for me, open Google Chrome and drag the Vivaldi guide to it.
    Thank you again! ☺

  • There are several tools like gotowhatever that are refusing to work with Vivaldi, maybe a nice feature would be a rightclick on a link and have some "open with..." where I can define with what I want to open a url.

    That would make Vivaldi an uber browser for day use in which I only open what I know what doesn't work.


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