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    I use Vivaldi browser for nearly two months, and I liked it. It’s a lightweight and stylish.

    For many years, I use Firefox and I admire him so much because of the add-ons that I cannot abandon them, such as:


    Because I put Session-manager folder in the Dropbox folder and I can keep several sessions and follow-up of a home computer, for example! But, unfortunately, Firefox has become a voracious to use the PC memory!!

    The other thing, a new browser appears:

    Epic Privacy Browser

    What I liked the great interest in the subject of privacy and secure communications (VPN).

    The point:

    1-We need new features:Sync(add-ons, Bookmark),Strong built-in VPN, Privacy(Block as many tracking methods as possible).
    2- Then I will delete all my current browsers!!

    • Sync: is in the making (and this is just my personal speculation but I guess we'll get it this year)
    • built in VPN: My guess is this won't come

    And as a personal comment and question to you: Why do you need build in vpn? In comparsion to a normal VPN I can only see disadvantages.

    In my opinion:

    • Startuptime for your browser is slowed down (yes a normal vpn slows down your system start but at least I don't recognise it that much as if a program starts slow)
    • Build in VPN only encrypts and reroutes the traffic your browser generates everything else you do is blasted right into the web unencrypted without any kind of rerouting
    • You don't have the slightest control what the vpn does and what not it is just there, you can turn it on and off, and maybe - like the thing that opera provides - you can select a country where your exitpoint should be

    Please don't get this the wrong way - if you want to use a build in vpn it's all fine for me do whatever you like - I just wanted to point out my point of view on those.
    Btw the reason I said that I guess that it probably won't come is not my personal refusal of such vpns but the costs that such a system will come up with and the point that there are already plenty of alternatives available to use a vpn for your whole system.

  • @zaibon Seems like I've to correct my statement that vpn probably won't come - maybe it will be integrated altogether with the sync feature. Just rumors but who knows maybe you're lucky ; )

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    @free4eversa There was a discussion recently, concerning the possibility of integrating VPN into Vivaldi: Does anyone know of any good VPNs or VPN extensions? Maybe you should take a look at this... πŸ˜‰

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  • @zaibon Thanks for your comments.


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