Please leave :hover submenus opened

  • Most people use browser only for the Internet.
    But portable Apache and php provide a playground for transferring the PC at home local into the browser.
    Folders, files and their related executables are presentable, acessible and callable like links to the Internet.
    Of course also programs, conjunctions to pograms and weblinks, dragged from the browser into folders.
    Deeply nested :hover submenus omit clicks to further internal websites by flying over with the cursor.
    Older browser versions leave submenus opened, if from there invoked weblinks are closed via mousegesture.

    DVBViewer (Astra Sat dish via USB receiver) brought me with php to an own EPG website, using only :hover submenus.
    There are internal links to the viewer and its command parameters.
    On changing the channels php produces each time temporary an empty website.
    Javascript let it close immediately within a small part of a second.
    Then the :hover submenu should remain opened like in older browser versions.


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