Browser Freaks starting X-Marks; disappears?

  • I am checking out Vivaldi for my XP's I nurse along. Yes, I have a Windows 10. Everyone gives me their old XP's and I keep them pluggin' along.

    I did get an install when I read that I had to use the last good XP install. So I added Xmarks to the extensions. Everything looks swell, like Xmarks on other PC's but when I click on SYNC or even DOWNLOAD bookmarks it BAAAM! Vivaldi disappears??? I haven't tried importing from HTML. I'll try that now if available. But otherwise any suggestions? Thanks much! jack ":-Dx

  • Moderator

    @jackdashack: Vivaldi is not backporting extension fixes to XP. In fact, Vivaldi is not backporting ANYTHING (including security fixes) earlier than the most recent Stable version. Unfortunately, XP is no longer supported. Full Stop.


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