Feature request: friendlier dotfile support

  • For the most part I am extremely happy with Vivaldi. It takes the best things of Firefox and Chrome, adds things I didn't even know I wanted (proper zoom/scaling = game changer), and lets me turn off everything that annoys me. Nigh on perfect.


    One thing which would put it above and beyond would be supporting config aside from the standard location. I looked at selectively syncing to add Vivaldi to my *nix dotfiles but there is so much completely unwanted info in there - some which I just doesn't interest me, others that are personally identifying and I don't want to share at all.

    One possible solution which isn't quite ideal but a stepping stone and better than nothing would be to mostly leave config how it is but also support an override config file which only includes what you want. So for example:

      "browser": {
        "has_seen_welcome_page": true
      "download": {
        "default_directory": "~/Downloads",
        "directory_upgrade": true
      "mousegestures_enabled": false,
      "pinned_tabs": [...],		
      "safebrowsing": {
        "enabled": false
      "spellcheck": {
        "dictionaries": ["en-AU"],		
      "vivaldi": {
        "days_to_keep_visits": 3560,
        "home_page": "https://google.com.au",		
        "rocker_gestures_enabled": false

    Whether you update this settings override file when you change settings from within Vivaldi is a different question, both sides having pros and cons, but simply having this option at all would be great. Then could check for $HOME/.vivaldi.conf on startup, or perhaps something like:

    vivaldi-stable --overrideprefs=/home/nc/dotfiles/vivaldi.json

    Even better would be to have the file updated - importantly only with the preferences you have specified or not at all. But at this point anything that allows me to sync most of my configuration between my various devices would be awesome - especially since the biggest appeal about Vivaldi for me is how configurable it is.

    Another possible approach would be to take a similarly restrictive set of preferences as an installation concern rather than an ongoing one. So for example:

    vivaldi-stable --import-prefs=/home/nc/.setup/vivaldiprefs.json

    The advantage of doing it this way is allowing SOE-style customisation of initial setup but nothing different beyond that point. A further bonus if a list of extensions (either as store URLs or as locally provided .crx files) could be installed that way.

    Note that the example configuration provided above is intentionally brief for readability. I would like a lot more included like theme/appearance, address and search bar settings, custom panels and ESPECIALLY keyboard shortcuts.

    Also note this is a separate concern entirely from 'syncing' preferences, which is something I really don't have an interest in if it involves needing to create an account somewhere and not having tight control over what information is synced (e.g. I have no interest in storing my bookmarks or login credentials remotely regardless of the security assurances offered).


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