Dedicated Webmail Announcements feature

  • Would be nice to have an announcements page to say what the service status for the web/mail servers were.

    I've been having difficulty logging in to webmail.

    I changed the password since the cloudflare issue so it's not that.

    As you can see I can log in to the forums (to post here) but when I try to access webmail I get a "Error while connecting to mail server" message on the web browser.

    This started today. Yesterday it was fine.

  • This problem should be fixed today it was an issue which appeared for the second address you can use (with different style but still same content) is which was unaffected by this problem.

  • That error with come & go for this pass two months.
    I actually asked on other thread if that's because "rush hours"? I think Vivaldi Mail become more popular since open.

    Except, the other address mentioned by @zaibon, the IMAP, POP3 & SMTP always normal. The method I always use with Email client.


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