Essential Features Suggestion !!

  • I would like to suggest some features that are essential to a browser nowadays.

    1. First of all the Address Bar- Though the address bar is nice looking but it is very slow and though I find the size of the webpage being reflected on the address bar like 2.5mb or 5mb. I also miss the revolving circle while the page is loading. I am sure that like me many others will be missing this feature even opera and others load pages faster than vivaldi and they have that revolving circle symbol while loading a webpage. I find this feature more comfortable. the revoving circle along with the webpage size on the address bar will be a very rare feature.

    2. Another essential feature which is missing is smooth translation of a webpage which is not in my native language. Except google chrome nobody has been able to adapt this feature. I know google chrome is a pain but sometimes I have to use it for this and that's why I have to unnecessarily keep chrome. I have also installed the microsoft translator app for edge but it is not even in the neighbourhood of chrome when it comes to translating a webpage.

    3. Ad blocking along with a feature that sites do not detect it and suggest to close them - I think this is a must if you're making a browser of today even opera adapted it recently and I must say that it has been very successful in blocking ads . Their users drastically increased after ad blocking feature was launched.

    4. Lastly if possible a vpn - As I've said above opera's users increased over the night due to ad blocker and vpn. In my country and I am sure in many others most of the loved sites are banned a vpn becomes very helpful in such situation.

  • Moderator

    1. Optimization for the address bar will be done and is in progress for some parts.
    2. Page translation like in Chrome/Chromium will come.
    3. Perhaps a internal Adblocker will be implemented.
      But currently you can use a external extension. There are many which are better that your mentioned Opera internal.
    4. A VPN service will come and is planned.
      But that will come if Vivaldi get Sync and the server park is enlarged.

    No timeline for all.

  • Just to add a data point, I can agree with suggestion 1; but for the others I do think if these are better served through 3rd party means. For example, I already use for a separate VPN which can block ads, so I don't feel it would be necessary to include one in the browser itself.

  • Thank you for replying just wanted to know whether my allegations were agreeable or not I was not expecting anybody to reply but glad to know your future plannings looks like I will be using vivaldi and at the same time opera and chrome.
    I agree that there are better extensions then opera's inbuilt ad blocker but all have their pros and cons some of them eat lot of memory, some make the browser laggy, some of them do not even block ads or popups and No ad blocker has the feature of avoiding the "PLEASE DISABLE YOUR ADBLOCKER TO PROCEED" message. I have used many of them and got somewhat satisfied with U block origin and inbuilt ad blocker of opera that's why I mentioned it.

    It takes time to become the best in its field and I believe that vivaldi will become the best. I will wait to use the best.

  • Adblocking is only very rudimentary on Opera -- but they are improving it constantly.

    Don't think the ad-providers and content creators are happy with this, but we have to take into account that the desktop market is shrinking. And only a small percentage of users has the knowledge to turn on adblocking anyway, even if it is built in like in Opera. Opera is even considering turning it on by default because of this.

    There are far more mobile than desktop users out there. For example Opera, which features built in adblock for their android browser too, doesn't let you block google ads on mobile (and a few other adproviders are enabled too) and there is nothing you can do about that (except rooting your phone).

    So I don't know how much sense it even makes to introduce native adblocking to Vivaldi....

    About VPN, Opera doesn't have real VPN. And many sites started blocking Opera IPs soon after this feature was introduced....

  • LonM

    In my opinion I will take example of opera and a 3rd party extension Zenmate vpn

    Opera's vpn is totally free and I mean totally no strings attached It neither slows down the browser or its loading time.
    Zenmate - Premium promotion ads , creating account, junking my mail account to buy premium, slow server etc

    A lot of extensions say that they are free but after you install it the real bargain begins hey you're free and don't deserve to a fast server. I am not saying that all are the same but most of them are the same.

    3rd party extensions are good but just not the best the more you add the slower your browsing becomes. If the same is integrated into a browser, inbuilt and tuned well , it will easily beat the 3rd party extensions.

  • @digigor Opera VPN is not a VPN, it's a web proxy. Your browser gets a unique ID as soon as you enable this, your traffic is monitored and the data is sold to third party advertisers. It's a business model.

  • @luetage
    My point is it is not necessary to introduce an inbuilt ad blocker but it will be more convenient and better to have one . this will target those mass who love to save bandwidth and where it is costly or where free WiFi is unavailable . I am sure there a lot of people who are ignorant of using an ad blocker the reason is
    they might not be heavy user or there internet speed may be too fast or there bandwidth package may be unlimited or they don't care .

    About opera's vpn it has its own company SurfEasy vpn and it provides 4 servers I have not suffered any problems in visiting banned sites till now and it also allows downloading I don't know about big files but small files are allowed.

    VPN is also not necessary but nowadays censorship has become a common problem what's the purpose of keeping a browser when you have to use another to bypass it. Not necessary but yeah if possible it would help a lot.

    we can't block all advertisements but we can block most of it like U block origin but third party extensions slow down browsing as I mentioned earlier


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