Sticky Post Capability Request

  • I as I'm sure a lot of people like to have a Welcome Sticky Post. And there are of course other reasons for why people want to have Sticky Posts. From what I can see, right now Vivaldi doesn't have Sticky Post capability. So, now that I added another Post ... my Vivaldi debut post, which I intended to edit into being my Welcome Sticky Post, has now of course fallen off the top spot of the page because it doesn't have Sticky Post status. It can't exactly be my Welcome Sticky Post if it's going to be falling farther and farther down the page(s) as I add more posts. ARE we going to get Sticky Post capability? I wouldn't want to have to resort to something like what I had to do on my BlogSpot Blog ... putting a future date to give it Sticky Post status. Not that I know that that would even work here on Vivaldi.

  • Well, I found out today that editing the Published Date to a future date like what works over on BlogSpot does NOT work here on Vivaldi as far as achieving Sticky Post status. At first I thought it had worked because my Welcome Post did go to the top of the totem pole of my posts.

    Ahhh, but I didn't notice until later that there was a heads up at the top of the post informing me that actually the post wasn't published. So, I had no choice, but to edit the Published Date back to the original date to give it back published status.

    Of course, with the Welcome Post now back to the bottom of the totem pole of my posts … just doesn't quite serve its purpose down there.

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