All HTML5 video does not work properly when opening a new tab and visiting a website

  • When I am on Youtube, I go to a new tab to do something else while a video is playing in the background and I go back to Youtube, doesn't matter if the tab I previously opened is still open or closed I see this(look in the middle of the screen, it jitters):

    It also happens with all other HTML5 video players on all other sites, however, it sometimes does not occur.

    Please note, I am watching the video on 480p there, the higher the quality I watch the less noticeable it is, so to find this bug do the same as me.

    This also happens in other browsers that use the Chromium engine.

  • To add to this, the problem also happens when I open a video in a new tab on the background with left control + click or middle mouse click and then either close the original page where I clicked the link or go to the video by clicking the opened tab.

    The problem does not happen when I open a video in another window.


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