Feedback for Weekly build

  • I'm just testing the new build and first of all THANK YOU, the cookie bug is solved. Now the sessions persists between new tabs. This was a stop bugger for me, the browser was otherwise not usable and this is finally solved. Now sessions persists when you open new tabs or new links. I did not tested writing to much yet or file manipulation, so I cannot comment on the other bugs yet but so far I have browsed several web systems, made a few online payments, and checked several websites, this build seems to be finally usable it seems at least for browsing and standard web actions did not hit any major issue which made me change to my standard browser. One website did had a problem, when I clicked on a feature to show some payment info it was supposed to open that in a new tab after clicking submit, but nothing happened with Vivaldi, checked in a another browser and it seems it opens a popup window, so it seems this could be a bug. There is no popup notification in the browser, it seems they are blocked by default with no visual cue to open them or allow them. I see some people are still reporting their bugs in the old 1.0.94 threat so if you are actually using the latest build please post your feedback's here. Happy browsing !!!


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