Edit Address bar progress

  • I think that address bar is a little confuse. It could be more clear to indicate when the page is completely loaded or if the page could not be loaded and need restart.

  • What do you have in mind? At the moment we have the pageload indicator in address bar, which disappears when the site is fully loaded, and the loading "X" which becomes a reload button when the site stops loading. There is also the pageload ticker, which disappears as well when the site is finished.

  • When the page begins to load, the address bar becomes full (all of one color) and then begins to get white again. For me this looks like if it loads and then unload when the site was totally loaded what is opposite. Why not just to start becomes colored when the page is loading and finally white when the site is finished?!.

  • Hmm, it would look like it is loaded, when it actually just started loading. Personally, I don't think it's so clear, but if you think that's best go for it.

  • I agree. The progress bar on tabs works in the way you describe yet the address bar does the exact opposite. It's strange behaviour. It can be changed through css but the problem I've run into doing it is that once loaded, the address field remains the loaded colour and does not return to it's normal state.

  • @sjudenim Yes, on tabs it looks "right", simple and clear. The problem is that you only can see the progress on the tab when you skip to another.

  • @luetage The normal loading progress bar for me is: empty --> full; naturally!!
    But maybe it's just a adaptation question.


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