open downloaded file from download completion notification

  • When the download is complete, there is a notification message on the bottom right, I expected to open the downloaded file by clicking the message, but I was brought to the directory that contains this file. Is this (opening the directory instead of the file itself) intended? Anyone has any ideas? Thanks.

  • Moderator

    @zhangdl: Yes, that's what's intended. The file can be opened by double-clicking it in the download panel. In future, an "open" may also be added to the notifier.

  • @Ayespy Thanks for the answer. What's the motivation of opening the directory? I might be wrong, but I thought most of the times one want to open the file after downloading instead of opening the directory...

    Yes, I can opening the file from download panel, but extra actions needed, namely first F4 to open the panel and then F4 again to close it...

    I would vote for opening the file by default, and opening the directory as an option.

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    @zhangdl: Don't know why they did it that way. Perhaps because it's a new feature, and that was the easiest implementation for the moment.


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