Can't drag and drop in Google Images.

  • I'm using v.1.8.770.32 on Sierra 10.12.3, and I can't drag and drop from Google Images to my desktop, or anywhere else. Instead, it highlights the image and the description like it's plain text, and I have to click "View Image" in order to access something draggable. However, dragging images works fine on Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia.

    The behavior persisted in the the stable version (1.7) when I tried it there; disabling my clipboard extensions (Join, Auto Copy) and restarting the browser didn't fix it either. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • So, updated to version 1.10.829.3 and found out pinterest has the same problem, but instead of not allowing me to drag the images at all like before, the first drag highlights it, and the second drag then moves the now-highlighted image. Strange.

    VB-26752, for reference.

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    @lucidity said in Can't drag and drop in Google Images.:


    It happens in Chromium and Chrome, too. We have to wait until Chromium devs fix it; you may report the bug at

  • For those who care, I don't know when it got fixed or if there was ever really a problem, but I learned it was how I was dragging that was causing the problem. I'd been dragging side to side instead of up/down, which was defaulting to selection rather than movement.

  • @luciidity That's the default behaviour of old Opera. Could be there never was an issue in the first place.

  • I see; I've only ever used Chrome or Safari, where dragging in any direction does what I expected it to do, so I guess that explains my confusion.


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