Horizontal Menu is STILL broken

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    Yup. And apparently nobody cares.

  • Probably, because most are using the icon or just shortcuts (key or gesture).

    For me, the only useful menu in Vivaldi menu is Window menu (Alt-W in Eng).
    There rest are practically has default shortcuts or we could give them shortcut.
    There's no other interesting settings or menu in Vivaldi menu that make me think, What's that Vivaldi menu use for in first place?

    I don't even remember that bug.

  • Oh really? Why not then just remove it?

    For your information, 'people,' "most" or not, use Vivaldi chiefly for the level of customization it offers.

  • @666
    Why upset?
    You posted that no body care about your bug.
    I expressed my opinion why that could happen, only few actually ask for it. And mentioned even I don't remember about the bug was there.

    And I believe your 1st post was about pinging the bug to be fix. Not asking about customization. The menu act that way is a bug, not customization. Then the menu never (yet) customize able.

  • @dLeon I can't make out a single thing you say. 'My bug'? "Asking about customization"? Who made you a translator anyway?

  • @666 For your information, priority of bugs is decided on:

    1. How many users it affects
    2. How severe that effect is
    3. How hard it is to fix

    Alt + F, E, V, T, W, or H will pull down any menu, and pressing Alt again will hide it. Try it for a while โ€” you may decide that you don't need to waste precious vertical pixels with the menu bar.

    If you prefer the mouse to the keyboard, the Vivaldi button menu is easy to use, and obeys the easy navigation behaviour of most application menu, i.e. just drag to select another menu.

    Try to change your attitude. Downvotes rarely happen just for expressing opinions, making feature requests, or asking for bugs to be fixed.

  • @666
    Fine, you win.
    Seem no one ask the bug in re: thread (which post by someone else) to be fix. My mistake then.

  • @Pesala Yet here 'you' are, downvoting an entire thread. Ironic, isn't it?

  • @666 I did not downvote your thread, but someone did. I just explained why that might be. Change your attitude. This forum is full of helpful and positive people.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moderator

    @666: Someone will get to the menu when they can. There are other priorities at the moment.

  • @666 said in Horizontal Menu is STILL broken:

    And apparently nobody cares.

    Not really. The Team has much work to do.
    Did you sent a bug?

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