Plugins and Extensions questions...

  • So wondering if there are any plugins category I can peruse through. I found while on DAZ3D that there was no Adobe Flash plugin so installed that but can't seem to find a "popular list" or a category of others I may need.

    Also, is there an extension that will allow me to create a deskcut from a right click menu? I got the Save As Shortcut but I really hate all the buttons being added to my bar, I'd rather have a right click option for creating desktop URL shortcuts.

    Thank you

  • Plugins support is pretty limited (as in every chromium browser) - you can almost only install the PPAPI Flash plugin (download it from adobe and restart vivaldi). Pdf reader and widevine plugin (usually for paid streaming services) are already builtin.

    If you mind extensions, instead, you can use the ones in chrome store (some particular extensions won't work, but the common ones are ok), for third question, maybe here you find something.
    And here you can see posts about working/non working/favourite vivaldi users extensions.

  • Thank you!


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