What ad blocker u r using?

  • I used Adguard AdBlocker, then switch to uBlock Origin.

    Recently I found a few new one:

    1. Stealth Mode

    2. Adguard Plus

    3. Superblock Extended - Adblocker

    Anyone use these new adblocker?
    Which u think is better?

  • I don't use any of them. Those extension Chrome Store page only build my opinions about them.

    From the three, Stealth Mode is the only reasonable if you want to use it.
    The other two are weird based on how they represent them self in Chrome Store. I don't think I want to touch those two.

    Stealth Mode
    Made by the maker of Adguard extension for many browsers. That devs name alone is already a promising point. At least we know where we bring our torch & fork if something happen. It's code in Github, that's extra point.
    Edit: Reading issues in it's Github, this extension problems quiet scary for casual user. Maybe because it's still too new.

    Adguard Plus.
    It's name alone is a shark bait, name part use a famous product name from other devs.
    No explanation who's the devs is, either on extension page or by searching. No link to extension homepage or any. Not offering support page any where.
    The devs seem also forking other famous extension such uBlock with same attitude as above, this time without even a descriptions.

    Superblock Extended & it's predecessor Superblock.
    No explanation who's the devs is, either on extension page or by searching.
    It said, it's under GPL. But no link to page/place that at least show the source.
    Homepage link just point back to that extension Chrome Store page. Support page also that extension Chrome Page.


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