Windows sizes dose not preserve state upon restarting!

  • This was always annoying bug for me.. it is still there even in latest snapshot.

    Open multiple windows in Vivaldi, resize them, make some of them maximized, or put at specific location, restart Vivaldi, and everything will be messed up(((

    Kindly fix this, it is very annoying.

  • Moderator

    Yeah, it always baffles me how Vivaldi decides what the window size should be - at this point it seems to be totally random. I use private windows a lot and often they open in a "restored" state (even though I always use maximized windows), but when I change their size (separately for "standard" & private windows), the newly opened window might get its size from either the "standard" window, the private window or open in full size in either "restored" or "maximized" state. 😦

    It is a mess, indeed. I hope that the devs are experiencing this too and that they'll come up with a fix for this at some point. Nevertheless, you can always report any bugs here. Just make sure to be descriptive and provide the necessary details to help them reproduce your issues.


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